Arcade Olympics at Madison Square Garden


Some people with a more superstitious disposition would say that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day. On this particular Friday, there was nothing but good feelings all around, even if some people were feeling a little bit out of luck. For this program, TeamUnity had the pleasure of developing and coordinating an Arcade Olympics to be held at Madison Square Garden. One of our more competitive programs, it consisted of 4 of our original games; Walla Balla, Circle the Circle, Flickin Chicken, and Crazy Fling Ring, plus 4 we developed especially for use on the Garden court, which were our Dribble, Passing, Shooting, and Layup Challenges.

The group was raring to go, and the energy in the room was made even more tangible by virtue of being in the Garden itself. The teams competed to classic rock, scoring free throw after free throw, and sinking their Walla Ballas with astonishing accuracy.

At the end, the group was spent and went off to celebrate their victories and commiserate over their losses. Our Emcee bid them a fond farewell, and we departed shortly after.

It was truly a memorable event, one we won't soon be forgetting.