Picnic at Travers Island

Travers Island

A rainy forecast never bodes well, especially with a picnic looming close on the horizon. Nevertheless, through the damp odds and the gloomy possibilities, the weather held out and an amazing event was had this past Thursday at Travers Island. As usual, our talented staff led a fun and interactive array of Picnic games ranging from old favorites like Bocce to newer games like our original creation, Dousing Discs. Everyone filled their stomachs with good food, and our prizes were flying off the table as everyone tried their hand at being the best. Our DJ helped keep the mood up and everyone dancing to the beat throughout the picnic.

Our picnic games weren't the only attraction of the day. We had two talented caricaturists capturing the moment for a lot of excited people. We also had a strolling magician that dazzled his audiences with sleight of hand tricks and illusions that left me speechless.

Carnival booths were also set up by the water, the scenic backdrop accentuated by our 11' Hi Striker. Many of the games were much more challenging than they appeared, but winners were greeted with raffle tickets and stuffed animals, which brought smiles to many people's faces.

I had the pleasure to be present at this event, and I was impressed with not only our staff and our vendors, but with the entire facility as a whole. The Travers Island staff was friendly, helpful, and extremely efficient in everything they did. Everyone looked to be having a good time with the company organized softball and volleyball games, and everyone from the company partners to the interns played together.

Looking forward to the next big event!