Entertainment Games

TeamUnity offers a wide selection of games and entertainment to enhance any corporate event. Whether you want a Wii Arcade to spice up a Holiday Party or Arts and Crafts to complement a Company Picnics, TeamUnity has what you need.

We also have great games, fantastic performers, dancers, musicians, DJ's, and much, much more. TeamUnity keeps the party going strong!

Wii Arcade

Dazzle your employees with our comprehensive games list, designed to supplement any occasion.

Laser Shot

Bring the excitement of laser shot technology to your next event! Comes equipped with a wide selection of games and themes.

Micro Stock Car Racing

All the fun of NASCAR bundled into a convenient package. Enjoy racing with colleagues with authentic steering wheels on an authentic track with customizable Stock cars.

Spin Art

Bring this popular carnival activity to your next event! Create your own unique designs!

Monster Basketball

Bigger is better with our Monster Basketball activity, where players play with an over-sized basketball and hoop combo. Great for kids and adults.

Boom Blaster

This fun, interactive activity is a popular hit with kids, as they race to blow up a balloon the fastest. First one that pops is the winner!

Pit Stop

Recreate the intensity of a Formula 1 race by stepping into the shoes of the pit crew!

Arts and Crafts

A perfect addition to any company picnic, our arts and crafts give everyone the chance to create and bring a souvenir back home!

Pitch Burst

An alternative to the popular Dunk Tank, Pitch Burst is easy to set up and works great on hot summer days. When someone hits the target, pop goes the water balloon!


Experience something new and different with our Makoto game, where players must strike buttons depending on the light and sound emitted.

Dunkin Derby

Dunkin Derby simulates this “drill.” At the signal, “GO,” Dribble the ball on the “court” (Electronic Sensor Pads)…your player will move along the court, the faster you dribble the faster your player will move. The first player to reach the end court wins the race, no “suicide!”

At the end of the race, the winning lane will light up, and the commentary will announce the color and the name of the winning player!