Picnic Games and Prizes

TeamUnity is dedicated to making your Company Picnic a memorable one, and we bring over 40 years of experience in crafting unique events designed to increase your event's return.

Our professionally trained directors and seasoned recreational staff will take you through various games and activities. Games can be run simultaneously every 30 minutes, and can be run in heats.

Our top of the line equipment utilizes the latest in technology, and is suitable for all ages. Our digital Picnic Agenda will be displayed on a monitor, and messages can also be sent to your mobile device so that everyone is kept in the loop.

You'll play, eat, relax, and then play some more! We have picnic games and prizes for all ages, and raffle drawings for adults.A DJ and Sound Equipment is also provided to enhance your event.

TeamUnity guarantees that your guests will be entertained and engaged.

The following packages have been designed to streamline

Standard Package

  • Prizes for Kids
  • Raffle for Adults

Gold Package

  • 2 Inflatables

  • 4 Tabletop Carnival Games

  • 1 Performer

  • Picnic App

Silver Package

  • 1 Inflatable
  • 2 Tabletop Carnival Games
  • Picnic App

Platinum Package

  • 3 Inflatables with Staff
  • 6 Tabletop Carnival Games
  • 2 Performers
  • Picnic App