Piecing The Puzzle


Need to get your employees focused on their projects? Have them participate in our Piecing the Puzzle program, which encourages each team member to communicate with their peers in order to create a unique image. Multiple teams are working simultaneously, and will join their sections by the end of the event in order to create a generic image or a customized one. Great for a Kickoff or a Product Launch!


Teams of 15-20 people work on a series of puzzles and Brain Teasers in an effort to amass a certain amount of points. Once the team reaches a certain one, they then qualify to receive their 50-piece section of a 1,000- piece puzzle. Once all of the criteria are met, the teams are presented with their 50 pieces and work together to assemble their own section. The team will then work together on assembling the puzzle as quickly as they can. The program also includes music.


When all of the sections are completed, the sections are placed on a display board and the entire design is revealed to all in attendance. The teams will be able to see the results of all their hard work, and have something tangible to show off as well.