Our wide variety of inclusive programs cater to all types of personal and corporate events. We strive to foster communication and improve company bonding through invigorating and interactive programs, designed to be both educational and enjoyable. Take a look through our programs and see for yourself why TeamUnity offers the best there is in teambuilding.


Arcade Olympics

Our Arcade Olympic program brings the best aspects of competition and cooperation together in a fast-paced and exciting program. Go head to head in the hopes of coming out on top!

By Strebe (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Strebe (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The Amazing Race

Looking for an excuse to stretch your legs? Look no further than our Amazing Race program, which pits teams of up to 5 people against each other on a challenging trek around a specified location. At each destination teams will compete in a series of mental and physical challenges, striving to overcome obstacles and move onto the next location.


Beer Blending

When wandering the aisles of your favorite supermarket, you may not realize the amount of work that goes into brewing your favorite ale. Our Beer Blending program aims to fill that gap with easy and accessible lessons. Our Beer Ambassador will engage your guests, teaching them the nuances of Beer Blending. Teams will create their own unique Beer Blend, design their own bottle label and six pack carton. The possibilities are endless!


Build a Boat

A fun way for members of your group to tap into their creativity and ingenuity, while working as a team! Teams will complete various challenges and brain teasers in order to earn Boat Bucks. Boat Bucks can be exchanged for parts for your boats in our Boat Depot, creating both a competitive and a creative atmosphere. After all your materials are assembled, your team will create a boat that must stay afloat and sail to the top of the competition. You can even race your beloved boats and see who comes out on top!


Build your own Mini Golf

Much like our Build a Boat program, your team members will be tasked with constructing their very own mini golf course. In order to build this functioning hole, participants will complete challenges in order to earn "currency" to be exchanged for parts and materials. Creativity is key, and this program brings teammates together in the creative processes and also helps foster communication and cooperation.


Company Feud

The “Company Feud” includes the basic play of the “Family Feud” and, in addition, includes an array of Brain Teasers and Puzzles; Jeopardy-type Questions and may also include “Name That Tune!” The combination of these elements provides an atmosphere that encourages working together and getting to know one another on a different level outside the office setting.


Drum Team

Get ready for a high energy and fast paced Teambuilding event! Each person is provided with a drum, they are taught how to play, how to listen to each other, and within 15 minutes your company will be making music. It is the most fundamental way to reduce stress and learn to work together, celebrate success, build community and team spirit.



Get ready for the latest that technology has to offer with our new iHunt program. Combining the best aspects of our Photo Scavenger hunt and the GPS available on iPads, TeamUnity has created an exciting and original program that’s perfect for corporate teambuilders, or even as just a fun afternoon outing. The iHunt is a fantastic program that helps both foster communication between people as well as providing an outlet for creativity.


Juggling the Possibilities

This teambuiding activity can be seen as a metaphor for balancing work and life priorities and collaboration! The goals of the interactive workshops are to inspire your team to think creatively and pursue their work with passion, and to set the stage for future conversations about how to work together even more effectively.


Photo Scavenger Hunt

Each team receives a camera and film, a sealed metal folder, a Hunt program and a Team Token. After a brief introduction, the Teams are off! At the end of the Hunt, teams receive personalized medals of merit and are presented with the photos taken during the program. The program encourages cooperation as they must delegate responsibilities and collaborate in order to solve the clues!


Piecing the Puzzle

Teams of 15-20 people work on a series of puzzles and Brain Teasers in an effort to amass a predetermined number of points and qualify to receive their 50-piece section of a 1,000- piece puzzle. If all of the criteria are met, the teams are presented with their 50 pieces and work together to assemble their own section. This program is great for a medium sized group to a large group, and helps build collaborative qualities in the workplace.


Sand Sculpture

TeamUnity will team together with world acclaimed sand sculptors, and create, coordinate & direct an interactive and creative program of Sand Sculpture. Participants will be arranged into teams to create an original sculpture. These works of art will be based on the theme of the day and will be judged and selected for a variety of awards such as Most Creative or Best Attention to Detail. Bring out your team's creative side with this unique program!


Stock Car Relay

Experience the high-octane joyride that is our unique Stock Car Relay program. Earn Car Bucks and buy parts to customize your very own Stock Car with your team. After that, switch gears and race to the finish!

Ideal for a minimum of 20 people.



Your employees will work with a Magician to create a highly participatory and dynamic teambuilding experience for corporate, organizational, and educational groups. The group is arranged into teams and trained to produce an illusion, taking advantage of a unique team dynamic. After they have completed their trick, each team will present their illusion to the entire group!


Team Spirit/Beach Olympics

Our Team Spirit Games are active program designed to lift the spirits and create a high degree of enthusiasm and excitement. Activities are conducted to uplifting music in a rotational style creating 100% of the people being active 100% of the time.


Treasure Hunt

Ahoy matey! join us as we create an original treasure hunt for you and your team! Each crew will be given clues to decipher and tools with which to find the hidden treasure. The program is not limited to the open seas and the beach, rather we can construct programs that work in sprawling cities and even at your hotel! Help forge lasting bonds as you search for that lost treasure!


Ultimate Game Show

The Ultimate Game Show combines the best features of the most popular game shows, such as Jeopardy and The Weakest Link. Complete with podiums, backlit scoreboards, individual microphones, and lockout buttons, our Emcee will ask verbal and audio questions, develop interactive contests and develop team chemistry. Add your own questions to tailor it to your needs!


Win It In A Minute

Using the concept of the extremely popular and fast paced  TV show “Minute To WIN IT”. we have created a new similar team game called “WIN IT IN A MINUTE.” We have combined a variety of short, fun, and accessible games that all of your guests can enjoy.

The pace is fast, the energy is high, so get ready for a great time with our comprehensive game programs.